Can you believe the 2014 season is just a few months away? We are starting to fill in our Calendar with events.  Keep checking back as we are adding events to it weekly. 

Remember:  The basement level is available for use year-round as a result of the most recent renovations. There is plenty of room for meetings, social gatherings and more.  Contact us if you would like to rent all or part of the basement.  The main floor of the hall is available for rent May through October on a first come, first serve basis.  Contact Dennis Marden at 802-247-5420 for more information.
It is never too late to support the Brandon Town Hall with a gift in honor of it's 150th anniversary. For every $150 dollars you donate you get a special engraved plate on our plaque honoring the 150th Anniversary of the Brandon Town Hall. 

There is still room for your name on the plaque.  We made the plaque big because we know Brandonites have big hearts.  Three hundred plates will fit!

Download the form to get your engraved plate here!


Built with optimism and pride at the dawn of the Civil War, this historic Vermont landmark is being restored to its role as the civic and cultural center of Brandon, Vermont.

The monumental Brandon Town Hall is familiar to anyone who has visited the idyllic small town of Brandon, Vermont. But it's more than a landmark: it's an important community resource intimately tied to Brandon's history - and to its future.

The Brandon Town Hall was constructed in 1861, just in time to send off the first 113 of the 124 Brandon men to fight in the Civil War. Though it has functioned as both an armory for the town's militia and a jail for its miscreants, the main purpose for the Brandon Town Hall has always been to serve as an accessible, adaptable venue for community gatherings.

For well over 100 years after its construction, the Brandon Town Hall hosted theater troupes, vaudevillians, concerts, lectures, clubs, dances and balls, spiritual meetings and town-government meetings. The last town meeting was held in the Brandon Town Hall in March of 1979, and the building has been largely closed to the public since then. In the summer of 2006, the Brandon Town Hall was finally re-opened on a limited basis, and in 2009 it received a Certificate of Occupancy from the State of Vermont allowing the building to be used, once again, for a variety of meetings and public events.

Read how Sen. Leahy was given the Award for Achievement in Historic Preservation by the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (Including his support for The Brandon Town Hall).