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Poker has developed plenty of variations over time, and it still undergoes various tweaks to create new versions. Video poker may not be considered as a variation by many gamblers, but it is, indeed, a different take on the game. Video poker machines provide the gamblers with an entrancing experience and payouts that fill their pockets. But not all players can easily land on the right machine for a good game, especially the new ones. If you are a novice, you need to learn more about video poker before taking the seat by the machine online gambling malaysia.

Educating yourself about the game doesn’t mean only grasping the basic rules and strategies to win; you must also know how to choose the right machine for your gambling night. Since hundreds of machines are offered in malaysia casino, selecting one could be difficult if you are oblivious of the criteria to follow. Each machine can have special rules and different pay tables; so, you need to look into all those aspects before selecting a particular machine for your game.

Different Types of Video Poker


If you are new to the game, every machine will look the same. Your first choice for a machine would almost always have no much thought put into it. But if you understand the difference between the machines in a casino, you can select the best one for you. The most commonly played games are classified into three.

Easy Games

There are a few games that are offered exclusively for beginners. The difficulty level stands between 0 and 1. Every new player can easily understand the game and try their luck at them. Jacks or Better is one such game that possesses certain strategies, which are easy to master. It also has no bonuses or wild cards like in the other games.

Exciting Games

If you want to try something more exciting than the one with a basic style, cars games like Joker Poker or Deuces Wild are the best options. These games are more thrilling because of the big hands they offer, unlike in the non-wildcard games.

Profitable Games

This type of video poker may not always be available since the casinos are always made to be at an advantage over the players. But if you check the pay tables carefully, you can find games that can give you a 100% + return on your bets.

Pay Tables of Video Poker

Regardless of the game, the paytable has to be checked for a better look at how payouts work. Deuces Wild is offered as a profitable game with 100% + return in most casinos, but a few casinos limit it to 95% or more, making it an unprofitable game. Check for this factor before you pay money for a game.

Other Important Factors

Other Important Factors

Progressive Jackpots

This could be an unprofitable bet in most cases since it is a feature that exists on machines with a low-paying paytable that accumulates the amount to pay out to a particular player.

Multi-Hand Machines

These machines might allow you to bet on multiple hands at once, which could turn out to be a disaster at times since the profitability is always the same.


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